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Our Children's Dental Clinic was recently spotlighted on CBS4 Miami Proud segment!

Coral Gables Children's Dental Clinic

Photo of the dental chairs and the beautiful mural on the wall of the ocean.

History of the Coral Gables

Children's Dental Clinic

In 1939, the Club founded the Coral Gables Children's Dental Clinic for the children of low income familes. The clinic is located in our clubhouse and is the primary beneficiary of our fund-raising efforts. The sole purpose of our Dental Clinic is to provide dental care for school-age children residing in Miami-Dade County whose parents (families) cannot afford costly dental care and not eligible for public health programs.


Many of these children have never visited a dentist, and the majority of them require extensive dental care, such as root canals and crowns. The initial visit includes cleaning, x-rays and devaluation for long-term treatment. The children then visit the clinic weekly until all the necessary works is completed. Our staff of dentists and hygienists provide cleaning, fluoride and oral hygiene. Our emphasis is on prevention. Some children require extensive dental care beyond the scope of the clinic and are referred to the required dental specialty.


Services provided to these children are paid for exclusively by donations and fundraising activities of members of the GFWC Coral Gables Woman's Club.

How to Qualify for Services

The Coral Gables Children's Dental Clinic has established the following guidelines for acceptance:


1. We must have proof of income, i.e., a W-2 form, a copy of your latest federal tax return, a paycheck stub and proof of residency in Miami-Dade County. Please attach income documentation to the application.

2. Parent or legal guardian MUST accompany patient to all visits to the clinic. If parent cannot be present, a person responsible for patient must have NOTARIZED permission from parent.

3. The patient (of school age up to 18 years) must be a full-time student and not yet a high school graduate. Proof o school enrollment MUST be provided for each patient.


The Dental Clinic is housed in the historic, former Coral Gables Library at 1009 East Ponce De Leon Boulevard. For more information call 305-448-6536 or email:

The Help we Have Provided Over the Years & Application

Since 1939, the Coral Gables Woman's Club has helped over 40,000 children in Miami-Dade County.


The Coral Gables Children's Dental Clinic has provided over $5,500,000 in FREE dental care


The Coral Gables Woman's Club has raised over $3,000,000 for the Coral Gables Children's Dental Clinic.


The Dr. John T. MacDonald Foundation, Inc. has provided the Coral Gables Children's Dental Clinci with over $492,000 in grants.

The GFWC Coral Gables Woman's Club is a non-profit corporation recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 c(3) charitable organization and is registered with the state of Florida under the Charities Solicitation Act, Chapter 496

Our 501(c)3 Status as PDF

Logo of the Coral Gables Children's Dental Clinic showing 3 kids with toothbrushes and a giant tooth

The entrance to the Coral Gables Children's Dental Clinic is on Galiano and we have a beautiful waiting room which is kid friendly. Our qualified staff awaits to take special care of our patients.

Treating Children
until High School graduation

Photo of another angle of the Children's Dental Clinic waiting room

Primary Beneficiary of our Fundraising Efforts

A photograph of the dental hygienist chair in the Children's Dental Clinic with ocean mural.


Since 1939

we have been helping

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