Community Service Programs

Arts & Culture

The study of art and culture enriches the human experience. Art education improves problem solving and critical thinking ad builds focus and perseverances and nurtures creativity, confidence and collaboration. Cultural awareness promotes communication and profoundly increases the ability to appreciate and enjoy a variety of new people and experiences.

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The GFWC Environment Community Service Program encourages us to be cornerstones of the earth by working to preserve the world's resources, protect wildlife and domesticated sustainability and beautify our communities and enjoy nature.

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Education & Libraries

GFWC members promote education to both children and adults. We aim to help others, while we also continue to Projects in the Education Community Service Program are designed to foster schools, as well as other education institutions and opportunities, and to promote literacy, libraries and the love og a good book. Through these efforts, we encourage growth of individuals and communities at home and around the world.

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GFWC Florida President's Project - Unity in Diversity under the GFWC Florida Umbrella with Love, Respect and Kindness for ALL.

Heath & Wellness

The human body, mind and spirit compreise our health and wellness. To improve our well being we need to address three key components: nutrition, disease prevention and physical and emotional care. Health and Wellness Community Service Program aims to expolore the various opportunities for awareness and advance each of these vital areas.

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Civic Engagement & Outreach

The GFWC Civic Engagement and Outreach Community Service Program reminds GFWC Members that each of us is a part of a larger society and is responsible for undertaking actions that will create a better quality of life and foster a sense of commitment locally, regionally and globally. The four "broad strokes" of this effort include Citizenship, Crime Prevenetion, Disaster Preparedness for the Needy, Hungry and Homeless and Our Military Personnel and Veterans.

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Public Relations & Publicity

Promoting our organization through creative marketing and public relations.

The GFWC Publicity Book Contest will continue. There are also two additonal GFWC contests for the Website and the Newsletter. Both will have GFWC monetary prizes and will feature club and state awards from GFWC.

Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,  is another way to promote your club. Utilize these tools so the club will benefit.

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